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There are a few farms in Osage County that visitors can tour to get a feel for the rural lifestyle. You might choose to pick your own fresh veggies or sweet berries from the vine. Please call ahead before visiting.


Fred Thoenen’s Pumpkin Patch in Bonnots Mill gives visitors and natives alike a chance to pick their own pumpkins during fall harvest. Find the perfect pumpking for carving jack-o-lanterns or to make that delicious pumpkin pie recipe you’ve been wanting to try. And of course, the kids will love it! For more information, please call 573.897.2395.


      Wolz Berry Farm, located in Chamois, is a picturesque U-Pick berry farm. Kenny Wolz and his family grow organic berries, for sale in early summer. Kenny also produces goat’s milk and natural honey, boasting a tasty ice cream treat marrying milk, berries and honey. He also raises organic pigs and cattle, hardy European breeds.


      Take an Organized

      Group Tour!

      Let the Welcome to Osage County Agritourism Council help you make plans to visit Osage County. The mission of the Osage County Agritourism Council is to open our doors to showcase Osage County’s unique communities, heritage, agricultural lifestyle and products.

      We provide that rural experience by inviting groups to spend time with us. We will help you plan your itinerary, making all arrangements for you, except transportation and/or lodging. And you may pay for everything with one check. We will also provide a guide so you have the opportunity to get to know a native, ask questions as you travel from each venue and learn the rural life-style we share in Osage County. Click HERE for more photos from past Osage County tours.

      In sample files listed below, you will find itineraries for a day in Osage County. These can be modified for two-day stays with overnight accommodations here. We can combine any of the items in the itineraries (depending on distance involved) or add additional ones to make your rural experience complete. We will be glad to give you pricing for any itineraries that you would like us to prepare for you. We can easily customize your itinerary to match interests of your travelers.

      Please contact Kay Schwinke if you would like more information about future tour itineraries and planning.

      1. Western/Mid County Tour Itinerary

      2. Northeast County Tour Intinerary